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Naumescu, Valentin

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1.  Contributors - Romania | 13/10/2015

Juncker putting Crimea annexation behind him

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker commented last Thursday that the EU cannot allow the US to dictate its relations with Russia. Political scientist Valentin Naumescu ... » more

2.  Contributors - Romania | 26/05/2015

Orbán slap makes EU even more ridiculous

After the unusual welcome given to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán by EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, the two men posed smiling for photos. The ... » more

3.  Contributors - Romania | 02/12/2014

Chișinău urgently needs to show progress

The pro-Western parties in the Republic of Moldova have narrowly avoided a defeat. The country's politicians must learn from this situation, the blog portal ... » more

4.  Contributors - Romania | 21/11/2014

Moldova an immature democracy

The Republic of Moldova will elect a new parliament on November 30. Recent opinion polls put the Communist Party in the lead ahead of the ... » more

5.  Contributors - Romania | 24/10/2014

Next government in Kiev faces daunting tasks

On the eve of Sunday's parliamentary elections in Ukraine Petro Poroshenko's pro-European alliance has a clear lead in the polls. The new government will face ... » more

6.  Contributors - Romania | 21/08/2014

Stronger Nato presence in Eastern Europe

In view of the Ukraine crisis, an action plan for stepping up security in member countries is to be worked out at the Nato summit ... » more

7.  Contributors - Romania | 09/07/2014

Ukraine crisis: Putin's tactical retreat

After the military successes against the separatists in the east of the country, the Ukrainian government has called on the rebels to surrender. There will ... » more

8.  Contributors - Romania | 17/06/2014

Obama must rethink foreign policy

US foreign policy is in a deep crisis, political scientist Valentin Naumescu comments on the blog Contributors in view of the advance of Isil's troops ... » more

9.  Contributors - Romania | 03/06/2014

European elections: Commission in for wrangling over posts

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed on Monday that she is not indifferent regarding whether Britain remains in the EU or not. Prior to this she ... » more

10.  Contributors - Romania | 26/05/2014

Herculean task for Poroshenko

According to the preliminary results, the billionaire chocolate manufacturer Petro Poroshenko is the victor of the Ukrainian presidential elections on Sunday. He faces a Herculean ... » more


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