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Nassar, Rabih

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L'Orient le Jour - Lebanon | 21/11/2015

Global perspectives: Books rather than bombs against terror

The reactions to the terror attacks in Paris and Beirut should not be limited to military measures, the Lebanese daily L'Orient-Le Jour writes: "Fighting the IS is good. Stopping it from growing larger is better. Giving reasons to live to those who let themselves be persuaded that the best thing to do is kill themselves is better still. The combined defence budgets of the top ten world powers amount to more than one trillion dollars per year. That's a 1 followed by twelve zeros. And, as the laureate of the 2014 Nobel Prize for Peace [Kailash Satyarthi] so fittingly put it, what if we invest part of this budget into parachuting books instead of weapons? Deploy teachers rather than soldiers? What if, instead of creating more orphans, we tried to find families for those who have lost everything? And what if, instead of playing the sorcerer's apprentice and letting the broom do all the cleaning, we finally decide to clean things up ourselves?

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