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Najmányi, László

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Artportal - Hungary | 25/01/2010

Cultural damage in Haiti

Artist László Najmányi writes in his blog on the cultural website Artportal of the cultural devastation wrought by the earthquake in Haiti: "The proud symbol of the island's independence, the presidential palace erected around one hundred years ago in the capital Port au Prince in the style of the French renaissance, lies in ruins today. ... Notre Dame Cathedral has also collapsed, burying hundreds of faithful as well as the Catholic archbishop of Haiti. The same fate was suffered by Trinity Cathedral, on whose walls Jesus and the apostles, the Christian martyrs and saints are all black. ... Even the so-called cultural centre, which played an important role in the development and spread of local painting and which housed a valuable collection spanning centuries, has been destroyed. The vast majority of art galeries, cultural institutions and workshops in the capital were also not spared, not to speak of the many artists among the dead."

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