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Nagy, Viola

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Nagyítás - Hungary | 31/03/2010

Former Hungarian prime minister catastrophic for his country

In the run-up to the parliamentary elections in Hungary on 11 April, the conservative weekly Nagyítás portrays the enigmatic personality of former socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány: "He is a man of extremes. True, no other prime minister has ruled Hungary longer than Gyurcsány. Nevertheless his time in office was the least untroubled. He did all he could to tip the scales in his favour and gain power, which he then lost very quickly. His supporters see him as a European and an enlightened politician in the Western sense. For his critics he's a liar and a cheat who used the instruments of the communist dictatorship to secure his hold on power. While for the former he's the renewer of the Left, for the latter he's its gravedigger. But what is the truth? Taking a sobre look at the facts, we must conclude that Ferenc Gyurcsány's time in power had catastrophic consequences both for the country and for his supporters. ... In 2002 Hungary was still seen by the West as the model pupil for all of Central Eastern Europe, the first country that would align itself fully with the West. Today Hungary is in a sorry state, both in economic and in moral terms."

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