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Nagy, Ervin

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Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 08/10/2012

Hungary's teachers kept on paltry salaries

Hungary's Economics Minister György Matolcsy on Friday announced that teachers' salaries would not be raised next year as planned. This is a disaster because teachers' salaries are well below the Hungarian average, journalist Ervin Nagy criticises in the right-wing conservative daily Magyar Hírlap: "The facts are shocking. At the beginning of his career a teacher nowadays earns less than 100,000 forint net per month [around 355 euros]. The minimum wage in Hungary is currently at about 93,000 forint [around 330 euros]. Even the incomes of long-serving teachers remain below the average salary of 220,700 forint brutto [around 780 euros]. Thousands of male teachers are leaving the profession and taking jobs in other areas. ... And among the female educators only the most committed idealists remain true to their job. But even they are beginning to get desperate."

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