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Nagy, András

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Új Szó (Slowakei) - Slovakia | 07/04/2015

Police violence against Roma common in Slovakia

According to media reports more than a dozen Rome were beaten by police during a raid in the eastern Slovakian municipality of Vrbnica. The Hungarian-language Slovakian daily Új Szó points out that in the past similar incidents have remained without consequences: "In recent years there have been numerous incidents in which the behaviour of the police towards the Roma minority was more than worrying. The biggest problem however is not the behaviour of the police, which in certain cases is legitimate, but that later, in the course of legal proceedings, all controls are lacking. Six years have passed since police officers in Kosice forced six Roma children to strip naked and hit each other at the police station. Although an amateur video documenting the incident exists all the police officers involved were recently acquitted of committing any offence at first instance."

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