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Nadotti, Cristina

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La Repubblica - Italy | 03/08/2010

The fall of a moraliser

Reports about the secret accounts of the late far-right politician Jörg Haider point to the Austrian having led a double life, writes the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "A new stain is tarnishing Haider's far-from-flawless reputation. The man who hated homosexuals, wanted immigrants out of Austria and established himself as a guardian over lax morals and extravagant spending lived a double life beyond the national borders, and even betrayed his party colleagues in doing so. Apparently not only the investigators but also his successors were trying to track down the money."

La Repubblica - Italy | 04/05/2009

Pirates forcing their way into the European Parliament

The left-liberal daily La Repubblica comments on how the Pirate Party is gaining ground in Sweden. The party calls for the scrapping of patents and copyright laws, as well as the protection of the freedom of the Internet: "The Pirate Party is not officially connected to the [online exchange portal] The Pirate Bay but the ties between the website and the political organisation are close. … Until just 20 days ago the party had only a few thousand supporters, and in Sweden's 2006 elections it won only 0.6 percent of the vote. But now a survey by the Swedish daily The Local has set off the alarm bells in the political camp: the Pirate Party's support has gone up to 5.1 percent - a percentage that makes it the fourth strongest party and offers it the prospect of a seat in the EU Parliament. … For sceptics this is just a passing, short-lived phenomenon, but the party is profiting from the huge dissemination of the Internet in Sweden."

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