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Muhar, Ana

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Jutarnji list - Croatia | 04/12/2015

Doing nothing goes against the genetic makeup of the Brits, Ana Muhar believes

Although less than half the British support a UK mission in Syria, the Royal Air Force began bombarding IS targets on Thursday. Ana Muhar, London correspondent for the liberal daily Jutarnji list, offers an explanation for the phenomenon: "Britain is at war. This news has provoked mixed reactions - in a recent survey less than half the respondents said they supported a military strike, far fewer than shortly after last month's attacks in Paris. … Too fresh are the wounds left by Iraq, a war the British plunged into full of patriotic fervour, but which turned out to be a mesh of lies, victims and failure. Syria carries a similar risk. The situation in the east is so confused that hardly anyone is convinced that the UK could emerge as a winner from that war. After Iraq and the failed Arab Spring no one believes in the triumph of democracy anymore. … But the alternative - to wait and do nothing - runs so contrary to the genetic makeup of the British that it was never an acceptable option anyway."

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