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Münchau, Wolfgang

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1.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 17/01/2016

Germany's biggest problems are homemade

The three main topics in the last three months in Germany - the VW scandal, the global economic downturn and the refugee crisis - have ... » more

2.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 08/01/2016

Wolfgang Münchau prefers Brits to Poles and Hungarians in the EU

In addition to a Brexit the EU is also facing a new conflict between Eastern and Western Europe given the EU politicians' criticism of the ... » more

3.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 20/09/2015

European social democracy is nondescript, Wolfgang Münchau complains

If Europe's moderate left has failed to capitalise on the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis politically, it's because it had already stopped criticising neo-liberalist ... » more

4.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 28/06/2015

Finance ministers made tactical error

The finance ministers of the Eurozone have played right into the hands of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras by insisting that the bailout programme expire ... » more

5.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 07/06/2015

Both sides in Greek crisis being unrealistic

In the debt conflict between Athens and its creditors, the current loan programme for Greece expires at the end of June. But the solutions proposed ... » more

6.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 10/05/2015

Brexit debate a boon for Putin

The negotiations between London and Brussels on EU reforms will weaken the Union as regards foreign policy, the conservative daily Financial Times fears: "The possibility ... » more

7.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 03/05/2015

London will go on playing minor role in EU

Regardless of the outcome of the election the UK will continue to play a minor role in the EU, the conservative daily the Financial Times ... » more

8.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 15/03/2015

Grexit would be disastrous in the short term

Greece's exit from the Eurozone would cut off the country from the external funding it so urgently needs, the liberal business daily the Financial Times ... » more

9.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 18/01/2015

ECB must start with big bond-buying programme

The European Central Bank (ECB) will decide this Thursday how much money to pump into the markets, and in what way. The ECB should buy ... » more

10.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 09/11/2014

Eurozone's future in greater danger than ever

In view of the flagging economic growth in the Eurozone the future of the monetary union is even more in danger than it was at ... » more


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