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Mortsiefer, Henrik

Der Tagesspiegel

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Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 11/12/2015

VW management must quickly restore trust

Volkswagen boss Matthias Müller declared on Thursday that credibility and trust rather than sales figures and profit margins were now the yardstick by which the company would measure its performance. The liberal-conservative daily Tagesspiegel praises the initiative and calls for these words to be followed by deeds: "How do you instil this morale in a multinational company with 600,000 employees in 120 factories? A company where there was apparently so much kowtowing to the bosses and such antiquated management structures that the pressure to perform and keep costs down pushed engineers to resort to illegal tricks. … The culprits must be found and punished, the customers compensated, and the structures renewed. Otherwise the entire leadership risks losing its credibility a second time. Volkswagen broke its quality standards by manipulating emissions tests. Now it must stick to its pledge to become a better company."

Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 29/07/2009

The banks always make money

Despite the financial crisis Deutsche Bank announced on Tuesday that it had made made a second-quarter profit of around a billion euros. The left-liberal daily Der Tagesspiegel comments: "The banks always make money. They used to make money with structured financial products that almost caused the collapse of the system. Nowadays they are making money ... out of crisis management. It works like this: because the state is spending billions to save the banks it needs to borrow private capital by issuing government bonds. Banks help the state to position itself on the market. And the number one bank in the European bonds business is Deutsche Bank. It is also profiting from the fact that many companies are issuing bonds in order to raise fresh capital. ... Thirdly Deutsche Bank has earned well because it has once again engaged in bold speculation, with shares, other securities and raw materials. ... Is it all immoral? The bank simply does what a bank must do ... : It arms itself against risk. ... Yet this still leaves a bitter aftertaste. But that comes not from the bank but from the conditions that are once again allowing it - and above all its US competitors - to engage in lucrative deals."

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