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Morina, Gerardo

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1.  Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 21/12/2015

Ciudadanos could have saved Spain

With 13.9 percent of the vote the new liberal party Ciudadanos came fourth in the elections. An extremely unfortunate result, the liberal daily Corriere del ... » more

2.  Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 09/06/2015

Obama closes ranks

The G7's declaration according to which the sanctions against Moscow may be tightened if deemed necessary is a clear victory for US President Barack Obama, ... » more

3.  Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 22/05/2015

EU refugee policy eroded by egotism

Egocentric sentiment is once more the order of the day in the EU, the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino complains, and sees the European spirit ... » more

4.  Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 27/03/2015

Egypt can be force for order in Middle East

The states of the Arab League plan to discuss the creation of a joint permanent military force at their meeting on Saturday in Sharm el-Sheikh. ... » more

5.  Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 17/02/2015

Europe shirks its responsibility

After the murder of the Coptic Christians in Libya French President François Hollande and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi have called for a special meeting ... » more

6.  Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 03/07/2014

Isil a threat to Israelis and Palestinians

The Israelis and Palestinians would do well to stop fighting each other and instead join forces against the new threat posed by the Isil jihadists, ... » more

7.  Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 03/03/2014

Hit Putin on the Achilles' heel

It's not enough to simply condemn Russia's actions, the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino writes, and calls for economic sanctions: "The US has greater and ... » more

8.  Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 15/01/2014

France and its dangerous liaisons

François Hollande's response to the question of his alleged love affair was brief and conclusive on Tuesday: "Private affairs are dealt with in private and ... » more

9.  Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 27/12/2013

Putin is Russia's man of the year

Russian President Vladimir Putin has come out of 2013 stronger than ever, the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino observes: "If Russia had its equivalent of ... » more

10.  Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 30/10/2013

The Europeans' double-dealing

NSA boss General Keith Alexander's claim that European countries also spy on top foreign politicians hits the nail on the head and explains the double ... » more


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