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Modrić, Sanja

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1.  Novi list - Croatia | 15/10/2015

Croatia's parties think voters are dumb

Croatia elects a new parliament on November 8. The HDZ and the SDP, the two largest parties in the country, are making unrealistic promises in ... » more

2.  Novi list - Croatia | 21/08/2015

Croats know what it's like to flee

The Foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dačić said on Wednesday that once Hungary's border fence is completed Croatia could become a new destination for refugees ... » more

3.  Novi list - Croatia | 13/01/2015

Kitarović won with feel-good propaganda

Kolinda Graber-Kitarović of the national-conservative HDZ party was elected as Croatia's new president with a narrow lead of 1.5 percent on Sunday. People fell for ... » more

4.  Novi list - Croatia | 04/12/2014

Croatia slides further in Corruption Index

In the current Corruption Perception Index published by Transparency International on Wednesday Croatia dropped by four places to number 61 on the list. The country's ... » more

5.  Novi list - Croatia | 18/11/2014

Croatian government faces new scandal in Vukovar

The fall of the city of Vukovar and the murder of hundreds of inhabitants by the Yugoslavian Army and paramilitary Serbian troops in the Yugoslavian ... » more

6.  Novi list - Croatia | 18/09/2014

Politicians also to blame for Croatian floods

Rivers have once again flooded broad swathes of central Croatia. But the days of prolonged rain are less to blame than the country's politicians, the ... » more

7.  Novi list - Croatia | 26/08/2014

Croatia more fundamentalist than Saudi Arabia

Police in the southern Croatian city of Šibenik closed down a disco located near the cathedral on Sunday night after the local bishop, Ante Ivas, ... » more

8.  Novi list - Croatia | 26/06/2014

Croatia's Statehood Day no cause for celebration

Croatia on Wednesday celebrated its Statehood Day, which marks the anniversary of its declaration of independence in 1991. But the Croats have no cause for ... » more

9.  Novi list - Croatia | 10/04/2014

Croatia tossing its money out the window

The International Monetary Fund retracted its growth forecast for Croatia on Tuesday and now predicts a decrease of 0.6 percent in the country's gross national ... » more

10.  Novi list - Croatia | 31/03/2014

Perverse wealth divides Croatia

In the Wealth Report 2014, Croatia ranks 55th among the countries with the greatest number of wealthy people in proportion to their populations. In view ... » more


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