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Mira, Antonio Maria

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Avvenire - Italy | 01/02/2013

Mafia delighted to see opponents at odds

The prosecutor Antonio Ingroia from Palermo, who is the candidate of the newly formed left-leaning alliance Rivoluzione civile, has compared himself with the famous Mafia prosecutor Giovanni Falcone and said he is following in his footsteps. Other opponents of the Mafia have accused him of arrogance in making such a comparison. The Mafia is the party that stands to gain from this absurd row in the middle of the election campaign, the Catholic newspaper Avvenire: "The Mafia bosses are laughing up their sleeves about these poisonous accusations the representatives of the anti-Mafia are hurling at each other. The race to be the better Mafia persecutor in the name of Falcone and Borsellino is ridiculous. It is based on making those with whom until recently they fought side by side with look bad. And all that for a handful of votes. What hypocrisy. ... The Mafia has no political orientation. This must also apply for the anti-Mafia. The fight against organised crime is one of the few areas where political affiliation should play no role."

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