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Minchev, Ognyan

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Svobodata - Bulgaria | 07/08/2013

Ognyan Minchev on Bulgaria's stony path to democracy

The political scientist Ognyan Minchev discusses in the opinion portal Svobodata why the transition to democracy was less successful in Bulgaria than in other former East Bloc countries like Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic: "The success of the transformation in Central Europe was above all due to the fact that it was led by democratic emancipation and independence movements. They branded communism as a repressive system that offended the dignity of the nation with its barbaric rule. The vision and strategies of the Central European transformation were to a large extent influenced by patriotic concerns. ... The democratic movement in Bulgaria was not an emancipation movement. ... It came about in a hurry as a liberal doctrine that received its legitimation from abroad by championing cosmopolitan arguments and integrating experiences from other democratic countries into its own value system. In the 1990s Bulgaria's emerging democracy movement invoked the values of the united, democratic Europe, with the result that its own positions remained too abstract."

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