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Mijić, Branko

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1.  Novi list - Croatia | 09/11/2015

Reset for Croatia

The success of the new Most party in Croatia's elections raises hopes of reform in the country, the centre-left daily Novi list comments: "So there ... » more

2.  Novi list - Croatia | 18/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: No help for Croatia

Croatia has received insufficient support from its EU partners despite the exemplary way in which it has with the roughly 11,000 refugees who have entered ... » more

3.  Novi list - Croatia | 11/05/2015

Macedonia increasingly a regional hot spot

Rioting and shooting broke out between the police and members of an armed group in the Macedonian city of Kumanovo on the weekend. According to ... » more

4. - Croatia | 05/05/2015

Croatia forgets lessons of fascism

Visiting the former Dachau concentration camp on the weekend, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed German's 'special responsibility'. That should serve as an example for Croatia ... » more

5.  Novi list - Croatia | 01/04/2015

President militarising Croatian society

Croatia's new President - and supreme military commander - Kolinda Graber-Kitarović wants to reintroduce general conscription, she announced on Tuesday. This marks a return to ... » more

6.  Novi list - Croatia | 21/01/2015

Croatia's costly aid for franc victims

Croatia's Prime Minister Zoran Milanović announced on Monday that the exchange rate for the Swiss franc against the Croatian kuna would be frozen for one ... » more

7.  Novi list - Croatia | 16/01/2015

Croatians look on helplessly

The sharp rise of the Swiss franc is dragging thousands of Croatians who took out loans tied to the currency into insolvency. National sovereignty and ... » more

8.  Novi list - Croatia | 17/12/2014

No retaliatory policy after Peshawar attack

After the school massacre in the Pakistani city of Peshawar the left-liberal daily Novi List warns against fighting violence with violence: "No massacre can be justified in any ... » more

9.  Novi list - Croatia | 17/10/2014

Secret service trial is being abused

The trial of two senior secret service officials of the former Yugoslavia begins today at the Munich Higher Regional Court. They are charged with the ... » more

10.  Novi list - Croatia | 25/04/2014

Croatian government commits political suicide

The Croatian government announced on Thursday that it will introduce a twelve percent tax on interest starting 2015. The move comes in response to calls ... » more


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