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Šmihula, Daniel

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Sme - Slovakia | 02/12/2008

Daniel Šmihula on Europe's future role in the world

In an essay for the liberal daily Sme, political scientist Daniel Šmihula rebuffs European claims that as US president Barack Obama will introduce "a more pacifist phase in international relations". For Šmihul, Obama may paradoxically "put even more security demands on America's European allies than George W. Bush. Europeans will have to shoulder a greater part of American foreign and security commitments. Regardless of who is in power in the US, however, Europeans must realise that they have to do more for the defence of the West. That is the unavoidable consequence of the fact that America is losing power to China, Russland and some Islamic states. Until now Europeans have lived under a sort of security cheese cover which has removed any direct sense of threat. For this reason they do not see the need to raise their military expenditures or heighten their military presence in crisis regions, especially as such moves are extremely unpopular at present. But Europeans must understand that the best security defence consists in forward-looking prevention and intervention against threats, provided these are still far enough away from home. Military, technological and economic predominance is indispensable for the survival of Western democracy."

Sme - Slovakia | 27/12/2007

Kosovo as ethnic ghetto?

Slovakian lawyer and political scientist Daniel Šmihula disagrees with the Kosovo-Albanians who say they would not have enough minority rights in a Serbian association of states. Rather, Šmihula warns, independence would lead to the creation of an ethnic ghetto: "Aren't we just realizing, ex post facto, Milosevic's vision of an ethnically clean Kosovo – but this time an Albanian Kosovo instead of a Serbian one?... In 1999, Slovakia supported the military deployment against Yugoslavia as a humanitarian intervention, in order to prevent ethnic cleansing. It was not intended to promote Kosovan separatism and a separation of Kosovo from Serbia. So Slovakia is not thrilled with the idea of Kosovan independence, just as it looks skeptically at all unilateral moves."

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