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Mihaylova, Ina

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Duma - Bulgaria | 26/03/2015

Sofia's underground needs English lessons

Since Monday the stations in Sofia's underground train system are announced in both Bulgarian and English. Too bad the speaker's pronunciation leaves much to be desired, the daily Duma notes: "At least the broken English with a strong Bulgarian accent does a lot to improve the mood in the trains. ... Particularly teenagers, who clearly speak better English than the metro employees, get a huge kick when the speaker stutters her way through the names 'Railway Station', 'Lion's Bridge' and 'King's Town Road'. ... Let me get this straight: thousands of workers slaved away for years to create these wonderful stations costing millions of euros, and now we can't find a single person who can correctly pronounce a few English words?"

Duma - Bulgaria | 23/04/2014

Same rights and obligations also for Roma

Illegal buildings in Bulgaria's biggest Roma neighbourhood Stolipinovo are to be torn down on Friday and the inhabitants resettled in other areas, the city of Plovdiv announced on Tuesday. The socialist daily Duma calls for a consistent Roma policy: "If this is supposed to be a state policy on Roma, so be it. But then the state should do the same in all other parts of the country. ... Before it resettles the Roma from the ghettos in new flats, it should make up for what it has neglected to do for them in terms of education, work and legislation. The Roma must not be discriminated against, but they must also not be given preferential treatment. The state must establish clear rules for them, and not budge an inch. In that way the Roma will have the same rights but also the same obligations as all Bulgarians. Everyone must abide by the law and know that if they don't, they can be held liable."

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