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Meredith, Fionola

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The Irish Times - Ireland | 29/10/2014

Prostitution ban only creates more problems

Northern Ireland's regional parliament, the Northern Ireland Assembly, passed a law that bans the purchase of sexual services last week. But this won't help the victims of human trafficking, the left-liberal daily The Irish Times criticises: "Even the most vulnerable sex workers - those who had been raped, beaten and pimped - were opposed to further criminalisation. The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women strongly opposes criminal penalties against clients, stating that they 'not only threaten the effectiveness of anti-trafficking efforts, they often place sex workers at greater risk of violence and exploitation'. ...  It's a myth of moral purity that makes feminists and fundamentalists swell with pride while stopping their ears against the painful, inconvenient facts and the voices of those they claim they want to protect."

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