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Medalinskas, Alvydas

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TV3 - Lithuania | 24/04/2009

Lithuania's political elite headed for EU Parliament

Unlike many other EU member states Lithuania is on the verge of sending its political elite to the European Parliament. The news portal Balsas notes that even several party leaders are running for office in Brussels: "If the expectations of all these politicians are fulfilled then political life in Lithuania will have to be completely reconstructed after the elections - which perhaps wouldn't be a bad thing considering that stagnation is still prevalent. … But what would happen to the parties if their bosses all left for the EU Parliament? It will hardly be possible for them to direct Lithuanian politics from afar, as Lenin once did from Razliv. That would create chaos here. At the same time there is also the risk that the party leaders could sink even lower in the eyes of their voters because of their past. And nor will they be able to hide away in Brussels if society and the judiciary want to call them to account here in Lithuania."

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