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McWilliams, David

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1.  Blog David McWilliams - Ireland | 02/11/2015

Ireland needs rent control

Rents in Dublin have risen by 35 percent since 2011. Last year alone they increased by ten percent. The Irish rental market is out of ... » more

2.  The Irish Independent - Ireland | 07/10/2015

Google and Apple should fund Irish university

The action plan against tax evasion presented by the OECD on Monday ups the pressure on multinationals, the conservative daily Irish Independent observes and calls ... » more

3.  Blog David McWilliams - Ireland | 17/09/2015

Corbyn and Trump give losers a voice

The ultra-conservative US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and the leftist British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn are both expressions of the same phenomenon, economist ... » more

4.  Blog David McWilliams - Ireland | 10/08/2015

Fear of immigrants is understandable

In many European countries parts of the population are opposed to the influx of refugees. It is understandable that poorer people feel threatened by immigration, ... » more

5.  Blog David McWilliams - Ireland | 08/06/2015

Creditors turning Greece into Europe's Gaza

It's no surprise that the Greek government has rejected the proposals of the EU creditor countries for overcoming the debt crisis, economist David McWilliams writes ... » more

6.  Blog David McWilliams - Ireland | 16/03/2015

Ireland should follow Greece out of Eurozone

With growth at 4.8 percent last year the Irish economy expanded at a faster pace than any other economy in the EU according to the ... » more

7.  Blog David McWilliams - Ireland | 26/01/2015

Bond buying useless without debt relief

The bond-buying programme announced by the ECB last week will only revive the Eurozone if crisis countries like Greece receive debt relief at the same ... » more

8.  Blog David McWilliams - Ireland | 12/01/2015

Immigration only benefits the rich

Roughly 25,000 supporters of the Islamophobic Pegida movement demonstrated in Dresden on Monday. From an economic perspective it's understandable that many citizens in Europe are ... » more

9.  Blog David McWilliams - Ireland | 26/08/2014

Apartheid in Irish education system

The likelihood of secondary school graduates going to university is far higher as if they come from a prosperous neighbourhood, according to a study put ... » more

10.  Blog David McWilliams - Ireland | 09/06/2014

ECB breaks with the taboo of inflation

ECB chief Mario Draghi's lowering of the benchmark interest rate last Thursday marks the much needed end to the German dogma of avoiding inflation at ... » more


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