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Ridley, Matt

writes mainly about science environment and economics (e.g. in The Times)

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The Times - United Kingdom | 29/11/2015

Threat of climate change exaggerated

Politicians and activists who warn of the disastrous effects of climate change are panic-mongers and their arguments are not based on facts, Matt Ridley, a Conservative member of the British House of Lords, writes in the conservative daily The Times: "The 40,000 people meeting in Paris over the next 12 days are committed to the view that the weather is certain to do something nasty towards the end of this century unless we cut emissions. In this, they are out of line with scientists. A survey of the members of the American Meteorological Society in 2012 found that only 52 per cent agree that climate change is mostly man-made, and as to its being very harmful if unchecked, only 34 per cent of AMS members agree. … Are we certain we are not overreacting?"

The Times - United Kingdom | 22/11/2015

Matt Ridley on the jihadists' last desperate acts

Acts of terror like the one in Paris ten days ago are an act of desperation on the part of religious fundamentalists who see Islam losing ground even in the Middle East, columnist Matt Ridley writes in the conservative daily The Times: "The humanists are winning, even against Islam. Quietly, non-belief is on the march. Those who use an extreme form of religion to poison the minds of disaffected young men are furious about the spread of materialist and secularist ideas, which they feel powerless to prevent. In 50 years' time, we may look back on this period and wonder how we failed to notice that Islam was about to lose market share, not to other religions, but to humanism. ... The jihadists of Isis are probably motivated less by a desire to convert Europe's disaffected youth to fundamentalist Islam than by a wish to prevent the Muslim diaspora sliding into western secularism."

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