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Masso, Iivi

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Postimees - Estonia | 12/05/2011

Europeans long for parochialism

The daily Postimees criticises the new border controls in Europe and the trend to provincialism: "That an increasing number of Europeans are sealing themselves off is more than just a simple reaction to culturally rooted conflicts or growing xenophobia. Schengen's opponents don't give a hoot about cultural or political peculiarities, they just want to make our expanding world smaller, more sealed off and supposedly safer. ... In Finland the True Finns are considered radical innovators in the sense that they are using their new-found strength to toss a wrench in the works of the politics of consensus. But in fact their policies have nothing new or radical about them; on the contrary: they're imbued with a longing for the past and old-fashioned parochialism, which is supposed to protect Finland not only from Europe and the globalised economy, but also from decadent art, Babylonian Babylonian confusion of languages and complex words."

Postimees - Estonia | 18/06/2010

Estonia needs debate about immigration

Estonian society lacks a genuine debate on immigration issues, the daily Postimees notes, adding that it could learn from the experiences of the West and map out its own course in asylum policy: "One way to draw closer would be to expressly take in oppressed political refugees, who unfortunately still exist in this world, as do repressive regimes. Political refugees are in general better educated, better able to adapt and have a more positive attitude towards democratic social systems than so-called humanitarian refugees. At the same time this would give us the chance to send a signal to the needy and the international community that we care about human rights and political freedoms. Because the unwillingness of the West to take in refugees from ... authoritarian regimes all too often reflects an unwillingness to mention that human rights are being abused there."

Postimees - Estonia | 30/04/2010

Finns consider Estonia a little brother

Although Finland and Estonia are bound together by many historical and cultural affinities, the daily Postimees points to imbalances in their relationship: "Many people, goods and cultural events travel between Estonia and Finland, but very little news. Finns hardly take note of the Estonian media, and in Estonia only the biggest Finnish daily, Helsingin Sanomat, is quoted. Above all it's bad news that makes it from one country to the other. This is partly due to the media's thirst for sensation, but it's also because the image of Estonia conveyed by Finnish media is strikingly asymmetrical. It's as if the mood of the 1990s were making a comeback. And precisely in today's hard times the 'big brother' apparently feels the need to look down on his smaller sibling. ... Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall we know how long it takes for mental barriers to fall."

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