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Plichta, Fabrice Martin

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Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 01/07/2008

New priorities

France is beginning its EU presidency with great ambitions, writes the Prague correspondent for the French daily Le Monde: "This is the first presidency during which Europe's leading politicians are to meet no less than ten times. Sarkozy is determined to show that France is back in Europe - a new engine propelling European integration forwards. ... All this will not be easy after Ireland's No to Lisbon, particularly at a time when the prevailing mood among Europeans is bad. Europeans are demanding concrete steps in those areas that are most painful. This is why Sarkozy, prompted among other things by the rise in food and energy prices, wants to put climate and energy issues as well as agricultural policy at the top of the agenda."

Respekt - Czech Republic | 30/04/2008

Fabrice Martin-Plichta on the destruction of culture in Prague and Paris

Fabrice Martin-Plichta compares the destruction of culture in the Czech and French capitals: "Both in Prague and in Paris, it's conservative politicians who are attacking theatre people in the name of liberalism. And this although artists in both cities agree that funding for culture can't be unrestricted and that there must be rules for its fair distribution. Unfortunately, artists are always the first victims of economic measures. Yet public investment in culture increases the intellectual and spiritual capital of a society - not to mention the positive impact it has on the social climate and the face of a city. Without culture Prague would be little more than an open-air museum which offers nothing but superficial, mindless entertainment."

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 21/12/2007

The essential Czech Christmas carp

Fabrice Martin-Plichta, long-time Prague correspondent for Le Monde, gets a kick out of traditional Czech Christmas foods. In an interview with Lenka Zlámalová and Josef Greš, he says: "The Czechs are terribly conservative. Ninety percent of the people serve breaded carp with potato salad for dinner on Christmas Eve. I have nothing against traditions and habits – I happily keep some myself. But in the Mediterranean countries it would be perfectly inconceivable for a huge majority of the population to have only one sort of meal on the Christmas table, prepared exactly the same way.... Don't get me wrong: I love to eat carp, and more than once a year, but definitely not breaded... On the other hand I love roast sirloin or roast pork with dumplings. And I also find fruit dumplings or sweet casseroles interesting. You never see a sweet main course in Mediterranean cuisine. It's a real adventure for the taste buds."

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