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Martin, Iain

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The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 24/01/2015

Iain Martin misses leaders like Churchill in the EU

On the 50th anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill journalist Iain Martin reflects on what the influential, cigar-smoking British statesman would think about today's Europe: "What would Churchill make of the mess in the EU today, as the euro plunges in value, the printing presses are cranked up and Greece goes to the polls to vote in a Left-wing populist government? Churchill would be pleased, and perhaps surprised, that Western Europe had made it through the last 70 years without a war. But it is easy to imagine him being unimpressed by the pitiful quality of leadership and substandard statesmanship offered by the eurozone's main leaders. ... Unfortunately, we British can take only limited comfort from staying outside the euro, a decision that looks better every day. For, as Churchill understood, we live in the European neighbourhood and problems on the mainland have a habit of ending up on Britain's doorstep."

The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 25/06/2014

Juncker's appointment paves way for Brexit

The conservative Daily Telegraph issues an urgent warning to Europe's leaders ahead of the summit in Ypres: "According to opinion polls, the British want to trade, be friends and cooperate with the EU, but not immerse themselves in a country called Europe. Despite knowing this, the EU's governments are giving the British voters the finger. And still, most of Europe accelerates madly towards disaster as though they do not care, either ignoring British concerns on Juncker's unsuitability, or being rude about one of the EU's largest contributors (us) and talking now as though they want us to leave.The bottom line is this. If Juncker gets the gig, this is the week that the door was opened to Britain's exit from the EU."

The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 07/01/2014

Fears of mass immigration understandable

More than 75 percent of British citizens want immigration to their country to be slowed down, according to the latest British Social Attitudes Survey. Columnist Iain Martin shows understanding for these sentiments in the conservative newspaper The Daily Telegraph: "It is hard for many people to understand why a country that has run out of money, that has a great many unemployed young people, should decide to import so much labour. Equally, a welfare system built on the idea - even if it is somewhat bogus - that we earn the right to claim because we, or our parents, put in, struggles to cope with new arrivals getting tax credits or benefits. It erodes trust and runs contrary to most people's understanding of what the post-war welfare system is for. ... We need immigration but that does not mean that a huge unregulated influx is sensible or desirable."

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