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Markopoulos, Dimitris

Protho Fema, Greece

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Proto Thema - Greece | 30/10/2014

Greek employees far too selfish

For over a year 595 cleaners formerly employed at the Greek Ministry of Finance have been protesting because they were dismissed at the troika's behest. They want their jobs back, but only at their former place of work. An unsocial attitude, the liberal weekly Proto Thema writes in its online edition: "The cleaning ladies' logic is: Who cares if the neighbour's house is burning down. It's not my house. They are trying to defend only their own interests but expect all Greek society to back them. ... That's what the public sector is like in our country, and it would be a good thing if everyone understood that it's the employees who think that society owes them something. … And that they should be allowed to decide where and how they work and how much they get paid."

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