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Marini, Adelina

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1.  Blog euinside - Bulgaria | 29/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: Iron Curtain still divides

The weeks of dispute between Eastern and Western European states over the distribution of 120,000 refugees across Europe have shown that 26 years after the ... » more

2.  Blog euinside - Bulgaria | 17/08/2015

Athens will squander all the funds again

The finance ministers of the Eurozone approved a third bailout package for Greece on the weekend. In her blog euinside Adelina Marini says she doesn't ... » more

3.  Blog euinside - Bulgaria | 30/06/2015

Scrapping of roaming is progress for EU

The EU plans to abolish roaming fees for mobile phones within the EU as of June 2017. This is an important step for European integration, ... » more

4.  Blog euinside - Bulgaria | 12/06/2015

Eurozone would be stronger without Greece

Greece should leave the Eurozone before it plunges the EU into a crisis of values, Adelina Marini writes on her blog euinside: "The investors are ... » more

5.  Blog euinside - Bulgaria | 04/05/2015

Brexit would be great loss for all

A Brexit would be bad for both the British and the EU, blogger Adelina Marini warns in web portal euinside: "If Britain left the EU ... » more

6.  Blog euinside - Bulgaria | 08/01/2015

EU could unite Serbia and Kosovo

Serbia is still refusing to go along with the EU states' sanctions against Russia. However if the country wants to join the EU it will ... » more

7.  Blog euinside - Bulgaria | 24/11/2014

Eurosceptics raising their profile with scandals

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker must face a no-confidence vote in the EU Parliament on Thursday in the wake of the Luxembourg Leaks affair. Although none ... » more

8.  Blog euinside - Bulgaria | 11/08/2014

EU must rethink its relationship with Turkey

After Erdoğan's victory in the Turkish presidential elections the EU needs to drastically rethink its relationship with Turkey, the online portal euinside writes: "After millions ... » more

9.  Blog euinside - Bulgaria | 23/01/2013

Time for an EU-wide referendum

The issues raised in Cameron's speech on Europe concern all Europeans, not just the British, the website euinside points out, concluding that consequently a British ... » more

10.  Blog euinside - Bulgaria | 14/02/2012

Campaign against Eastern European hurts EU

The incendiary website set up by Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders should be banned as quickly as possible before it causes further trouble in Europe, ... » more


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