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Malouchos, Giorgos

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1.  To Vima Online - Greece | 04/11/2015

Schäuble as chancellor: the true face of German hegemony

In view of the speculation about Angela Merkel's time as chancellor coming to an end, the liberal online paper To Vima has already chosen its ... » more

2.  To Vima Online - Greece | 08/09/2015

Syriza also a victim of its pride

In the run-up to the early elections in Greece, several polls put the conservative party New Democracy slightly ahead of the left-wing alliance Syriza. This ... » more

3.  To Vima Online - Greece | 14/08/2015

Austerity package impacts Greece to the core

The Greek parliament today accepted the new bailout package and the accompanying austerity measures. Once again Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras lacked the necessary support from ... » more

4.  To Vima Online - Greece | 02/06/2015

Athens won't give in

The fact that the talks at the German Chancellery went on until late in the night is a good sign, the centre-left To Vima website ... » more

5.  To Vima Online - Greece | 16/01/2015

Greek government afraid of young voters

More than 100,000 18-year-olds won't be able to vote in Greece's parliamentary elections because they haven't been registered in the local electoral lists. Normally the ... » more

6.  To Vima Online - Greece | 18/11/2014

Protest against military junta aimed at wrong target

The student protests against the Greek military dictatorship 41 years ago were commemorated on Monday. As is the case every year, the highlight of the ... » more

7.  To Vima Online - Greece | 06/11/2014

Greece will never be able to pay off its debts

According to current figures put out by the European Commission Greece has the highest government debt ratio in the Eurozone. At 175.5 percent the ratio ... » more

8.  To Vima Online - Greece | 20/06/2014

Athens must maintain cooperation with China

China's Prime Minister Li Keqiang travelled to Greece on Thursday for a three-day visit. In advance of his trip he had signalled China's interest in ... » more

9.  To Vima Online - Greece | 21/11/2013

Samaras must finally contradict Merkel

Greece's Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin today, Friday, to discuss the financial situation in his country. The ... » more

10.  To Vima Online - Greece | 23/09/2013

Athens' hopes were naive

Athens shouldn't expect too much of the new government in Berlin, writes the left-liberal online paper To Vima: "The Germans have given a resounding 'Yes' ... » more


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