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Malcheva, Natalia

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Standart - Bulgaria | 20/03/2015

Forced holiday on Black Sea a silly idea

Bulgaria's tourism industry fears an extremely weak summer season on its Black Sea coast this year. On the one hand fewer Russian tourists are expected, while on the other a growing number of Bulgarians are turning their backs on local resorts. Tourism associations have now proposed that the equivalent of 30 euros per month be docked from salaries and paid out in the form of hotel vouchers. The daily Standart is not keen on the idea: "It's unacceptable for us to be marched to the beach en masse. Those resorts that haven't been completely built up and that offer quality services for a good price will not remain empty this year either. Workers who can't afford to go on holiday will hardly be delighted to earn 30 euros less per month so they can take a break. And those who can prefer to go abroad. The only ones who stand to profit from the measure are the bad hotels that can't attract guests in any other way."

Standart - Bulgaria | 20/06/2014

Church should leave gays in peace

Bulgaria's Orthodox Church has called for a ban on the Gay Pride parade scheduled to take place in Sofia on Saturday, on the grounds that the event constitutes an "arrogant display of sin". Has the Church no other worries, the daily Standart asks: "Is this walk by a few young people wearing skirts, wigs and a lot of make-up really the most important thing on the Church's agenda? Wouldn't it be more important to think about how people's interest in the Church can be revived? How to change them from mere tourists who spend a few cents to light a candle and hope for a miracle into true believers who respect God's commands? Or how to get children to go to Sunday school and to make religious education more interesting? Wouldn't it be more important to take action against the powerful, instead of against those who already have a hard time in life because they're torn between their own idea of themselves and the expectations of their families and society?"

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