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Makrigiannis, Giannis

Proto Thema, Greece

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Proto Thema - Greece | 15/10/2015

Athens's sovereignty violated yet again

The EU Commission has worked out a plan of action with Turkey to resolve the refugee crisis. The Turkish and Greek coastguard services are to jointly patrol the eastern side of the Aegean Sea, with EU border protection agency Frontex coordinating the operations. In its online edition the liberal daily Proto Thema denounces this as a violation of Greece's sovereignty: "Since the agreement on a new austerity programme was concluded, Brussels has acting in a most overbearing way. It has developed strange ideas for addressing the situation in the Aegean Sea and the refugee problem. … It is taking a very 'relaxed' stance on the subject of national sovereignty and urging Greece to essentially give up its sovereign rights to Turkey!!! Central and Northern Europe are adopting a small-minded and completely inhumane stance in the refugee crisis. … They are building a kind of 'fortress', which will leave the countries of the south facing a problem for which they are not responsible."

Proto Thema - Greece | 25/03/2015

Success at home strengthens Tsipras abroad

Domestic successes will give Tsipras more self-confidence in his dealings abroad, the liberal weekly paper Proto Thema believes: "The decisive factor now is how the government deals with undeclared income, the long list [of tax dodgers] and the billions of euros in foreign depots - in a word, how it plans to establish tax equity. ... Of course, also important is how it plans to improve people's lives, for example through the restructuring of public administration. ... The key issue now is whether the new government can maintain its moral advantage over all previous governments while in power. ... But in any case, the stronger it is at home, the more it can hope to achieve abroad."

Proto Thema - Greece | 18/12/2014

Samaras government living in a dream world

Greece's early presidential elections failed in their first round on Wednesday. The candidate of the governing coalition, former EU Commissioner Stavros Dimas, received just 160 of the 300 votes in parliament - falling far short of the required 200. For the liberal weekly paper Proto Thema it's clear the government no longer has sufficient backing: "The result makes it glaringly obvious: the government is living in a world of its own and believes the fairy tale of its success story. ... These politicians actually believe that they're successful! That the country can't survive without them! That they've saved us! They really do believe it, while at the same time telling us that we're facing huge risks that threaten the country with destruction and devastation. ... It all goes to show just how sick our power system is: not only is it unable to help the country, it can't even save itself."

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