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Mažeikis, Gintautas

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Delfi - Lithuania | 16/03/2015

Gulag criminals rehabilitated in Perm

According to Russian media the terrain of the Gulag museum Perm-36 in the northern Urals is to be transformed into a memorial for those who were employed in the Gulags. This amounts to a rehabilitation of the criminals who worked there, philosopher Gintautas Mažeikis writes on the web portal Delfi: "Perm is etched particularly vividly into the memories of Lithuanians exiled there in the post-war period, and especially political prisoners of late Soviet times. ... Soon the site will extol the heroic resistance of the Soviet people to the 'Forest Brotherhood' and Stepan Bandera's Galicia (Western Ukraine). It will decry the political traitors in the USSR and praise the humanism of the Gulag system, as well as its efficiency at preventing dissident crimes. It's as if Auschwitz wardens were to return to the former Nazi extermination camp and cynically recount the honourable role they played in making sure the Holocaust went according to plan."

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