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Lynch, Suzanne

European editor of the Irish Times

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The Irish Times - Ireland | 14/01/2016

EU's double standard frustrates accession candidates

The fact that Poland and Hungary are not facing any real consequences even though the rule of law there is under threat is frustrating for countries like Serbia that are making a great effort to comply with the EU's standards, notes the centre-left daily The Irish Times: "Despite the European Commission discussing the ramifications of the new Polish laws at their weekly meeting this week, the possibility of any substantive action is unlikely. ... Turning a blind eye to deteriorating rule of law standards in its own member states opens up credibility questions for the European Union. Already, countries who are on the path to EU membership, such as Serbia, are voicing frustration at having to meet high standards of rule of law, while countries such as Hungary and Poland blatantly breach those standards."

The Irish Times - Ireland | 01/09/2014

Tusk's appointment tilts EU eastwards

The election of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk as European Council president on Saturday could mark the beginning of a more eastern-oriented power axis for the Union, left-liberal daily The Irish Times comments: "But Tusk's accession also represents an undeniable tilt eastwards for the EU. The traditional Franco-German alliance that has been the fulcrum of the EU since its foundation may potentially give way to a new eastern-focused union clustered around Germany and Poland, particularly in light of France's increasingly weak standing in the EU under François Hollande. The threat of a British exit over the next few years may also galvanise a sense that the union's centre of gravity is moving east."

The Irish Times - Ireland | 14/11/2013

A success story for the austerity politicians

Ireland's full return to the financial markets is the success story EU leaders urgently needed to justify their austerity policy, the left-liberal daily The Irish Times comments: "Ireland's exit from the bailout is not only a momentous moment for Ireland, it is also of huge significance for Europe. Ireland's achievement in keeping to the terms of the bailout programme, and seeing its bond yields fall to 3.5 per cent, will be seized upon by euro zone leaders as proof that the much maligned policy of austerity is working. It's a much needed good-news story at a time when concern is growing about the state of some of the bloc's biggest economies and the threat of falling inflation and high unemployment is growing."

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