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Lund, Aron

Columnist Expressen, Sweden

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Upsala Nya Tidning - Sweden | 03/06/2014

Egyptians let down by their leaders

The former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is Egypt's new president. According to official figures he won last week's election with more than 93 percent of the vote. For the liberal daily Upsala Nya Tidning this is hardly something to celebrate: "Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's assumption of power was a disaster for Egypt, yet he had a trump up his sleeve. At the moment he is the only viable government alternative Egypt has. The Mubarak regime is a thing of the past and the Muslim Brotherhood has been defeated. This means the army is the only solid political force in the country - and Sisi leads the army. ... As long as he doesn't behave too badly Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will remain in power and pursue a policy that undermines Egypt's stability in the long term. This is a tragedy - but just one of many. Seldom has a country been as badly let down by its leaders as Egypt has."

Expressen - Sweden | 29/08/2013

Help Syrian refugees

The escalation of the Syrian civil war will increase the number of refugees, and the rich countries also have a duty to help in this regard, the liberal tabloid Expressen writes: "Even now the refugee crisis is already a humanitarian tragedy. But it's also a political problem that can aggravate and prolong the conflict, and which will destabilise not only Syria but the entire region in the long term. Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey need help to get the situation under control. They need political, technical and above all economic support - and they must be able to share the burden of refugees with other states. If the refugees in Syria's neighbouring countries don't get the help they need today, the rich countries will be forced to help them tomorrow. Then, however, it will be at a far higher price - in terms of both money and human lives."

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