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Ludeker, Iris

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Trouw - Netherlands | 26/11/2013

Syria conference little cause for hope

The conflicting parties in the Syrian civil war have agreed to meet with other states in Geneva on January 22 to discuss the formation of a transitional government, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday. The Christian-social daily Trouw sees little hope for peace: "The weapons have not yet fallen silent on the battlefield. On the contrary: the fighting parties are doing their best to secure an advantageous position for themselves at the negotiating table. Above all the regime is chalking up success after success. ... The situation in Syria can only be described as chaotic, with no prospect of a military breakthrough or an end to the war. Can a breakthrough be achieved through diplomatic means? As long as the conflicting parties still believe there is something to gain by fighting, there is little chance of that."

Trouw - Netherlands | 04/07/2013

Might is right in Cairo

The military coup has put a brutal end to the democratic experiment in Egypt, the Christian-social daily Trouw comments: "Once again the might of the strongest prevails in Egypt, a principle that threatens to destroy the country's budding democracy on all fronts. Because even the politicians have acted according to this principle in recent times: consensus and concessions were taboo for them. President Morsi preferred to rule by decree and he never managed to extend a hand to the opposition. For its part the opposition never stopped saying No since he took power. … The absence of democracy and the lacking awareness that democracy is more than the power of the majority is not yet a thing of the past. … The situation has never been more dangerous for Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood has a big and well organised group of supporters that is angry about its chosen leader having been ousted, the army rules the streets and everyone is threatening with violence."

Trouw - Netherlands | 15/05/2009

An end to rapprochement between Armenia and Turkey

After Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Azerbaijan it seems the rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia has come to an end, Trouw writes. The daily notes that Erdogan said that the borders between the two countries could only be opened once the conflict over the Armenian enclave of Nagorny Karabakh had been resolved: "The coupling of these two circumstances appears to bring the attempts at reconciliation back to square one. After all, now it all depends on the talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan concerning Nagorny Karabakh. Although they were initiated only recently, this love is still fragile, and the prospect of success small. … With his soothing words from the capital Baku Erdogan seems to be bowing to [domestic political] pressure. By coupling a rapprochement with the resolution of the enclave conflict he has at any rate further increased the distance between Turkey and Armenia."

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