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Luce, Edward

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Financial Times - United Kingdom | 19/07/2015

Nuclear deal must not fail in Congress

The US Congress has yet to approve the agreement reached in the nuclear dispute with Iran. It would be a major debacle if President Barack Obama failed to push through his deal, the liberal daily The Financial Times notes: "Republicans see Mr Obama as a feckless president who is jeopardising US power simply by talking to a terrorist state. The quality of the deal is irrelevant. Nothing short of regime change will do. ... [They] offer no realistic alternatives. ... There are moments when US presidents take risks that alter the world as we know it. Ronald Reagan's friendship with Mikhail Gorbachev is one instance. Richard Nixon's opening to China is another. Mr Obama's deal with Iran is almost as breathtaking in its scope. It is quite possible that it will fail. But if it unravels it should be because of Iran, not Congress."

Financial Times - United Kingdom | 10/12/2012

Battle over debt ceiling divides US

Roughly three weeks before the looming fiscal cliff, US President Barack Obama and the Republican Party continue to wrestle in Congress over a budget compromise. But even if Obama manages to introduce the planned tax increase, the power struggle over the debt ceiling will continue to keep the US on tenterhooks in 2013, the liberal daily Financial Times predicts: "One way or another, it is probable Mr Obama will get his tax increase even if it means going over the precipice. Should he get it as part of a deal to avert the cliff, it could send the GOP into a prolonged crisis. This may well be the most obvious course available to him. But it means Washington is unlikely any time soon to banish the fiscal uncertainty that has acted as such a drag on the US recovery. Circumstances may well sort the Republican diehards from the pragmatists. But the business of government cannot be held continually to ransom. If nothing else, Mr Obama needs to persuade enough Republicans to take the debt ceiling out of the equation in the next few weeks. Failure to get at least a two-year reprieve would set up a far more dangerous showdown for 2013 that could make last year look like a dress rehearsal."

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