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Ślubowski, Grzegorz

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Wprost Online - Poland | 04/02/2010

Yushchenko stages threat to Ukraine

Just a few days before the runoff vote in Ukraine's presidential elections, the Ukrainian secret service, the SBU, has arrested five men it accuses of being Russian spies who allegedly wanted to buy state secrets in Odessa. News magazine Wprost suspects that President Viktor Yushchenko, who has already been defeated in the elections, is behind the scandal: "This has all played out like a spy movie. Officers of the FSB [Russian secret service] were hired and travelled all the way from Moscow to Odessa. The SBU was determined not to interrupt the operation at a critical moment and to expose the whole affair. To show Russian agents who wanted to steal Ukrainian secrets on television just a few days before the runoff vote is a serious matter. It's no secret that the SBU is subordinate to Yushchenko. ... Perhaps he wanted to demonstrate that the state is under threat and that in this situation there is no other option ... but to declare the elections invalid."

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