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Loureiro dos Santos, José Alberto

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Correio da Manhã - Portugal | 08/05/2011

José Alberto Loureiro dos Santos on Europe's crumbling solidarity

For a long time the EU was considered a model of solidarity among states, writes Alberto Loureiro dos Santos in the tabloid Correio da Manhã, but he sees that cohesion under threat in the present circumstances: "So far the European states have always pursued a policy of common interest, as with any alliance of states. This is evident in the help that Germany and other countries have given their partners in the crisis. But there are also signs of a different attitude. The continuation of the Schengen zone is under threat, as the reaction of France to the refugees who have swamped Italy shows. And the member states have been unable to reach agreement on a key issue, security. So they don't know how to continue the war in Libya. So if we take a look at the reality we see that solidarity was just a myth. Everyone is out for himself. And the powerful call the shots at the expense of the weak."

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