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Lopes, Ricardo David

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Sol - Portugal | 30/05/2011

Portugal desperately seeking a future

Portugal is in crisis, broke, facing new elections and without great hopes for improvement, writes the weekly Sol taking stock of the current situation: "Portugal may go under, the euro may collapse and Germany doesn't like us. The recession has come to stay. Unemployment is not going down. ... Portugal has reached a dead-end and the elections are just around the corner. The holidays, too, but many Portuguese will be staying at home. The politicians are hurling insults at each other, the atmosphere is tense and the commentators are kicking up a fuss. Television is only aggravating the mood. There's no good news, the bad news dominates. Parties and politicians don't understand each other. But it would be good if they did and at least showed that they're worth the money they cost us. It's time someone gave us hope, but there's no sign of such a person. Portugal needs an overhaul and young people. And a future. But where are they? Anyone who finds them will be rewarded."

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