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Löw, Raimund

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Falter - Austria | 18/06/2014

Iraq is biggest US defeat since Vietnam

US Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday night promised Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki more support against the advancing terrorist militia Isil. The Sunni fundamentalists have inflicted the worst defeat on the US in recent decades, Ramond Löw, Brussels correspondent of public broadcaster ORF, comments in the left-liberal weekly paper Falter: "Mosul is the worst disaster for the US since the taking of Saigon by the Viet Cong in 1975. ... With an open war raging between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq, everything the US tried to achieve with the invasion of 2003 has come to nothing. In retrospect, the initial victory against the Baath regime seems completely futile. At least under Saddam Hussein, Iraq was free of al-Qaeda. Despite huge costs and tens of thousands of casualties, the country has become the deployment zone of the most dangerous terrorists."

Falter - Austria | 23/02/2012

Raimund Löw sees EU collapsing in the crisis

The Greek crisis is changing the EU and endangering its former unity, warns Brussels correspondent Raimund Löw in the left-liberal weekly Der Falter: "The European integration which has provided the Continent with peaceful resolution of conflicts, economic expansion and open borders suddenly stands for brutal cuts in minimum wages and pension caps. So who is surprised to see the EU flag burning on Syntagma Square? … The structure of the EU, in which nation states call the shots on where the big money goes, is turning the tug of war over the allocation of financial crisis funds into a source of discord that drives a wedge between the nations. The US provides an example of how things could be done more effectively: the individual states repeatedly face bankruptcy, but the federal state is their best protection in such situations. … The EU's funding has saved the Greek state from bankruptcy, but not a single Greek can find a firm footing in the crisis. If this logic persists, the forces resisting Europe's collapse will soon be paralysed."

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