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Lobo, Sascha

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1.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 06/01/2016

Concern for women just covert racism

The calls, mainly on social networks, for people to travel to Cologne to protect women after the assaults there are a sham, writes blogger Sascha ... » more

2.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 18/06/2014

Sascha Lobo praises prominent journalist's debate culture

One of Germany's most influential journalists, the co-editor of the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Frank Schirrmacher died last week. The blogger and columnist Sascha Lobo ... » more

3.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 26/03/2014

Germans don't care about NSA affair any more

The public outrage that marked the start of the NSA spying scandal has proven short-lived, columnist Sascha Lobo laments on the news portal Spiegel Online: ... » more

4.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 30/01/2013

Sexism debate has changed web discourse

Over 60,000 tweets have been sent in the past couple of days under the hashtag #aufschrei (outcry) on sexism in daily life. The debate in ... » more

5.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 21/11/2012

Newspaper crisis due to outdated journalism

Not the Internet but static news reporting is to blame for the death of the newspapers, blogger Sascha Lobo writes on Spiegel Online, arguing that ... » more

6.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 18/04/2012

Sascha Lobo on blogs as places of true digital freedom

Those who use online social media like Google Plus and Facebook are not truly free, blogger Sascha Lobo writes on Spiegel Online, pointing out that ... » more

7.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 22/09/2011

Pirate party more honest than Merkel

The Pirate Party, with its focus on Internet freedoms, won 8.6 percent of the vote in the Berlin regional election on Sunday. This outcome is ... » more

8.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 04/08/2011

Internet radicalises terrorists like Breivik

The new brand of terrorism like that in Norway was born through the Internet, which allows reality to be selectively reinterpreted by filtering information according ... » more


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