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Lipman, Maria

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Večernji list - Croatia | 13/09/2013

Putin scores victory as diplomat

In an opinion piece for the New York Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin urgently warned against military intervention in Syria on Wednesday. The Kremlin boss has scored a diplomatic victory here, Moscow author Maria Lipman comments in the conservative daily Večernji List: "In this text Putin comes across as the wise leader, as a man of peace and dialogue, campaigning for the observance of international rules and laws. Although relations between the US and Russia have hit rock bottom, Putin at no point offends or attacks President Obama. This will no doubt secure him the sympathy of people in the West. It's already clear that Putin has rescued Obama from the unpleasant situation of being abandoned by his potential allies. ... Putin and his allies have demonstrated that they are first-class players on the world stage of diplomacy and international relations."

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