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Liepiņš, Agris

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Latvijas Avize - Latvia | 04/09/2015

Europe should stop showing how much money it has

The fact that so many refugees are leaving Africa to make their way to Europe is not least a result of the generous development aid programmes having revealed how much wealth there is in Europe, rails the national conservative daily Latvijas avīze: "The Africans have realised that Europe has money! And the European politicians don't want to admit that it's not refugees fleeing war sitting in the boats but above all economic migrants, and that their arrival is the result of years of EU policy. … Until he annexed Crimea the politicians in Europe didn't want to see Putin's real face either. After some time the refugee crisis will force the politicians to reassess the real reasons for the migration. Let's see whether they manage to share out the consequences of their misguided policies fairly among themselves by then."

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