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Levent, Şener

Newspaper Politis and Afrika, Cyprus

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1.  Politis - Cyprus | 07/10/2015

Cypriots don't need guarantor powers anymore

Mustafa Akıncı, the leader of the Turkish Cypriots, said on Monday that a formula must be found on the issue of security that takes into ... » more

2.  Politis - Cyprus | 19/05/2015

Visa freedom on Cyprus just the first step

Greek Cypriots no longer need a visa to visit the Turkish-occupied northern half of the island, UN envoy Espen Barth Eide announced last week after ... » more

3.  Politis - Cyprus | 06/08/2014

Peace on Cyprus requires voluntary agreements

With the help of the media a Turkish Cypriot is searching for the owner of two plots of land that were allotted to him by ... » more

4.  Politis - Cyprus | 10/02/2014

Ankara has lost ground on Cyprus

The negotiations on the reunification of Cyprus which were broken off in May 2012 will resume today. The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos ... » more

5.  Politis - Cyprus | 28/08/2013

Şener Levent on the angels of death on Cyprus

According to news reports, additional fighter jets have arrived at the British military bases of Akrotiri and Dhekeia on Cyprus in recent days for possible ... » more

6.  Politis - Cyprus | 29/07/2013

Cyprus's cutbacks hurt peace

The Cypriot government has decided to block the Turkish Cypriots' free access to the Republic of Cyprus's healthcare system as of August 1. In the ... » more

7.  Politis - Cyprus | 02/07/2013

Şener Levent wants an uprising in divided Cyprus

With an eye to the protests in Turkey and Egypt, the Turkish Cypriot columnist Şener Levent laments in the liberal daily Politis that people on ... » more

8.  Politis - Cyprus | 23/08/2011

Cypriots fight over oil and gas

The Greek Cypriots want to begin exploring gas and oil reserves under the seabed along the coast of the island in September. The Turkish Cypriot ... » more

9.  Politis - Cyprus | 11/08/2010

Şener Levent on life in divided Cyprus

The political situation in Cyprus is unique worldwide, writes Turkish-Cypriot columnist Şener Levent in the left-progressive daily Politis, examining why Turkish Cypriots won't leave the ... » more

10.  Politis - Cyprus | 22/06/2010

Şener Levent on the calm without a storm on Cyprus

Cyprus is moving into its summer break and the calm is not an illusion, writes Şener Levent in the conservative daily Politis: "Is the climate ... » more


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