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Leroux, Camille

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1.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 15/01/2013

France's Medieval prejudices

The opponents of same-sex marriages in France are nothing short of backwards in their mentality, the left-liberal Luxembourg daily Le Quotidien writes: "Marriage and adoption ... » more

2.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 07/11/2012

ArcelorMittal loses its way

Rating agency Moody's lowered the credit rating of the world's largest steel manufacturer Arcelor Mittal to junk status on Wednesday owing to high debts and ... » more

3.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 03/08/2011

UN abandons Syrians

The UN Security Council condemned the violence of the Syrian regime against its rebelling population on Wednesday evening but failed to pass a resolution. It ... » more

4.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 02/02/2011

Swiss banks vs. dictators

A new law took effect in Switzerland on Tuesday which dramatically tightens regulations on handling the fortunes of dictators. Until now many potentates were able ... » more

5.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 10/01/2011

Southern Sudan's long and winding road

The referendum on the independence of Southern Sudan has been underway since Sunday, and has been overshadowed by bloody fighting in which 36 people died ... » more

6.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 14/12/2010

Separatists escalate crisis in Belgium

An interview with Bart De Weaver, leader of the Flemish separatist party N-VA, published by the German news magazine Der Spiegel has triggered fierce reactions ... » more

7.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 04/06/2010

EU rightly criticises rating agencies

This week the EU Commission proposed that a new European regulating authority should monitor the business of rating agencies. The daily Le Quotidien writes that ... » more


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