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Lepri, Stefano

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1.  La Stampa - Italy | 24/04/2015

EU remains hostage to national interests

As with the euro crisis the EU remains hostage to national interests, the liberal daily La Stampa laments in view of the results of the ... » more

2.  La Stampa - Italy | 27/02/2015

Sensible reinterpretation of rigid rules

Finally the EU has stopped stubbornly insisting on the austerity policy, the liberal daily La Stampa writes commenting on the EU Commission's decision: "The ruling ... » more

3.  La Stampa - Italy | 12/02/2015

Old hostilities resurfacing

Mutual feelings of resentment are being stoked in the negotiations between Athens and the euro finance ministers, the liberal daily La Stampa fears: "The Eurozone ... » more

4.  La Stampa - Italy | 09/12/2014

Seek new solutions together

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has drawn fierce criticism from France and Italy for urging the two countries to implement reform. But bickering won't do any ... » more

5.  La Stampa - Italy | 25/08/2014

Draghi finally makes radical change of course

In a surprise move at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium last Friday, ECB chief Mario Draghi called on the EU states to be more flexible ... » more

6.  La Stampa - Italy | 14/05/2014

EU right to conspire against Berlusconi

A newly published book by former US Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner reveals that in the autumn of 2011 the EU tried to force ... » more

7.  La Stampa - Italy | 09/04/2014

Rome must not disappoint reform hopes

The Italian cabinet on Tuesday passed a new three-year budget and reform programme. In addition to tax breaks and spending cuts, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi ... » more

8.  La Stampa - Italy | 14/11/2013

Brussels must ensure same rights for all

The European Commission is examining whether Germany's export surplus poses a danger to Europe's financial stability. The results of the investigation will be presented in ... » more

9.  La Stampa - Italy | 30/04/2013

Letta's strategy won't work out

In his policy statement Letta promised to combat the crisis afflicting the country by lowering taxes, among other measures. He is secretly hoping to ease ... » more

10.  La Stampa - Italy | 31/01/2013

Politics intensifying Italy's banking scandal

Italy's Economics Minister Vittorio Grilli on Tuesday informed the parliament about the situation of the Bank Monte Paschi di Siena, which is facing losses of ... » more


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