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Léko, István

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 04/09/2015

Budapest can't please its EU partners

Germany is to blame for the catastrophic situation in Hungary, writes the conservative daily Lidové noviny, defending the Hungarian prime minister: "The answer to the question of who is to blame for this unfortunate situation is Germany, and specifically Angela Merkel. Her announcement that Germany would take in every refugee from Syria triggered thousands of calls of 'Germany, Germany!' at the train station in Budapest. After consulting Berlin Hungary sent trains full of people to Germany. … But then the Germans said that the chancellor's words had been misunderstood. … Hungary is in an unenviable position. If it lets migrants into the country and thus into the EU, that's bad. If it builds a fence to keep these people out, that's also bad. If it allows the refugees to travel to Germany it is making a mistake. But it is also wrong to keep them there so as not to violate EU laws. And no one has a clue how to swiftly resolve this crisis."

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