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Laučius, Vladimiras

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Delfi - Lithuania | 20/01/2016

Vladimiras Laučius on the failure of European liberal democracy

After attacks by migrants on women in Germany and Sweden, the right-wing conservative columnist Vladimiras Laučius predicts the end of liberal democracy in Europe on the online portal Delfi: "The events in Germany and Sweden are a disgrace for the West's entire policy - both on the right and on the left. It looks very much as if there is no longer either a true right that seeks to defend its culture from the barbarians or a true left that believes in social justice and not just Afghan mores. ... Liberal democracy - the political formula of our ruling class, as [Italian political scientist] Gaetano Mosca would say - is in crisis because it has become uninteresting for apolitical citizens. And the political class is veering in the direction of the one extreme, left-liberalism, synonymous with so-called political correctness. This, however, is not and can never be an authentic political formula for Western civilisation. It can only be a political aberration - like the behaviour of the police in Cologne, the lies of the media in Sweden and Germany, and the hypocrisy of the EU politicians."

Delfi - Lithuania | 19/02/2015

Not the time for a propaganda war with Russia

It would be entirely counter-productive to get caught up in a propaganda war with Russia, journalist Vladimiras Laučius warns his Lithuanian colleagues on the online portal Delfi: "We're convinced that the media should remain neutral. ... The term 'information war' is better suited to countries whose media are completely under state control. Like Russia, for example, which uses the media as a weapon in its cold - and hot - wars. ... We shouldn't react by actively becoming involved ourselves. Because unlike them, we're free. And to remain free we should avoid firing rounds of information in the direction of our enemies."

Delfi - Lithuania | 15/10/2012

Nuclear plant vote defeat for Lithuanian politicians

Parallel to the parliamentary elections on Sunday, Lithuanians also voted in a referendum on the construction of a new nuclear power plant. The results show they clearly reject the planned Visaginas nuclear power plant - a key project of Prime Minister Kubilius, whose party also suffered huge losses in the elections. But the vote is also a setback for President Dalia Grybauskaitė, the news portal Delfi notes: "The referendum on the Visaginas nuclear power plant throws a spanner in the works for President Grybauskaitė, who no doubt wanted to sell it as the most important project of her presidency. Now voters have suddenly said no to it in a referendum. ... But instead of respecting the popular will she's now saying that only part of the electorate has expressed itself and that less than one third of those eligible to vote doubt the benefits of the nuclear power plant. What to make of such statements? Are referendum results worth nothing if they don't correspond to what the president wants?"

Delfi - Lithuania | 19/07/2011

Austria kowtows to Russia

The Austrian authorities have freed the former KGB functionary Mikhail Golovatov despite a European warrant for his arrest. The portal Delfi is dismayed: "The Russian citizen Golovatov was head of the  special unit Alfa, which was responsible for storming the TV tower in Vilnius in January 1991 and has therefore been charged with crimes against humanity. That Austria has allowed this former KGB functionary to simply go free is unprecedented. This is not only a breach of EU legal norms and an insult to the Lithuanian victims, but also a shameful case of kowtowing to Moscow. Only very naive people or the victims of Russian propaganda can overlook the fact that Austria was trying to ingratiate itself with the Kremlin or was acting out of other less flattering motives. Official Vienna is citing legal grounds for its decision, saying that the European arrest warrant wasn't 'clear' enough to detain the accused, but that is a pathetic excuse, because the arrest warrant is valid EU-wide."

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