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Ladurner, Ulrich

Redakteur Politik, Die Zeit, Jahrgang 1962
Der Südtiroler, seit 1999 bei der ZEIT in der Politik, studierte Geschichte und Politik in Innsbruck. Die Wiener "Arbeiterzeitung", das "Profil" und "Facts" in Zürich waren erste Stationen. Als Korrespondent in Rom hatte er auch Südosteuropa im Blick, lauter Krisen- und Kriegsgebiete, die er seit den neunziger Jahren bereiste, weil er ein Problem kennenlernen will, bevor er Antworten gibt. Bosnien, Kroatien, Serbien, Kosovo; seit dem 11. September 2001 sind es alle vom Kampf gegen den Terror betroffenen Länder: Afghanistan, Iran, Irak und Pakistan, von dem sein jüngstes Buch handelt ("Bitte informieren Sie Allah!").

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Zeit Online - Germany | 24/06/2014

Isil's success alarming but fragile

Over 1,000 people have been killed in Iraq since the start of the jihadists' offensive, according to UN sources. The fact that the extremists are continuing to gain ground shouldn't make people forget that they're not an army but a group of fanatics, the liberal news portal Zeit Online stresses: "The word 'advance' is deceptive because it focuses solely on the military side of the situation. Isis's success isn't military but political. ... This is no radical Islamist army with clear structures and vertical chains of command. There are ad hoc coalitions of completely disparate groups, that in certain moments of history open up perspectives for extemist forces. The fact is, however, that the nature of ad hoc coalitions is to collapse as soon as the political situation on the ground changes. Isis's success is as fragile as it is alarming. That shouldn't be forgotten. Not even now, when the movement is trying to paralyse and confuse us by spreading fear and terror."

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