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La Licata, Francesco

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La Stampa - Italy | 30/10/2014

Napolitano's Mafia-questioning a red herring

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano was questioned on Tuesday in connection with the Palermo mafia trial centred on alleged agreements between the mafia and the Italian state in the 1990s. The hearing took place in Rome behind closed doors. The interrogation is a ruse by the state prosecutors to divert attention from the real inconsistencies in the trial, mafia expert Francesco La Licata complains in the liberal daily La Stampa: "All that has been gathered, put on file and published a thousand times has suddenly become 'Napolitano's truth'. As if the president were the only guardian of secrets that have finally been exposed. But is that really the case? Hardly. ... Nevertheless the trick of presenting Napolitano as the custodian of unspeakable truths has worked. It is diverting attention from the glaring inconsistencies in the trial, which have simply been written off as minor incidents in the 'rites of Palermo'."

La Stampa - Italy | 08/10/2014

Mafia trial humiliating for Napolitano

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano is to give evidence in court on October 28 about alleged secret negotiations between the Italian state and the Sicilian mafia in the early 1990s. Imprisoned mafia bosses are also to testify per video conference in the trial. The head of state should be spared this humiliation, mafia expert Francesco La Licata writes in the liberal daily La Stampa: "The state-mafia trial seems to have gotten out of control. It is rushing towards a destination that doesn't bode well for the country either politically or morally. Those who set the ball rolling have no intention whatsoever of sparing the state's highest representative the insult of having to testify alongside crème de la crème criminals, murderers and assassins like Toto Riina und Leoluca Bagarella. And this despite the fact that everyone knows this 'jamboree' won't help to do anything to establish the truth because it won't produce a single new piece of evidence."

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