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Kyuranov, Deyan

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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 09/03/2014

Putin just bluffing

Russian President Vladimir Putin's demonstration of power in Crimea is just a bluff, the daily Dnevnik writes: "Putin is neither a bloodhound nor an ideologist. He's an improviser without a plan who has managed by trial and error to set up an anti-democratic regime in Russia with which the majority of the population is happy. The Russians have forgiven him his mistakes. So far so good. Now, however - still improvising -, he's trying to lead Russia back into the centre of global politics. But the situation on the world stage is far more transparent and predictable than it is in Moscow, and few nations are as patient as the Russians. Here it's clear right from the start that certain improvisations will be interpreted as mistakes for which the corresponding price must be paid."

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