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Kyriakou, Nikolas

Politis, Cyrpus

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Politis - Cyprus | 02/09/2012

Pay more heed to Cyprus's missing persons

August 30 is the International Day of the Disappeared. The liberal daily Politis proposes the establishment of a truth commission similar to those set up in other countries to investigate the cases of those who disappeared before and after Turkey's invasion of Cyprus in 1974: "An important aspect of these commissions is that they give relatives the opportunity to state their case. They can tell their version of the truth, talk about their missing loved ones and tell society what it's like to live with the consequences, the questions and the secret hopes. The idea of forming such a commission may sound romantic or idealistic and beyond the scope of current political discussions. But that doesn't mean that nothing can be done. … The examples set by other countries are instructive and the only thing that is lacking is the political will. The question is how to give average citizens - not politicians or institutions - the possibility to tell their own truth."

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